Where Did Your Old Laptop Go?

Ok so you did the wrong thing, you didn’t sell your old laptop to Cash In Your Gadgets; instead, you threw it in the bin…so where is it now? Probably in a landfill somewhere

What Happens To Recycled PC’s

For those of you who did the right thing and used a gadget recycling scheme, parts of it could now be in Shanghai. Here, there’s a sprawling factory complex which deals with the plastic used in PCs. Ground down into tiny pellets, they started their journey as electronic waste.

If the laptop was quite modern or in a good working condition, chances are it was re-homed like an old dog, with someone who doesn’t ask much from it but needed a new-ish device.

Dell have said they gathered more than 177 million pounds worth of used electronics in 2017; which is a lot of PC’s to break down, and grind up into plastic pellets ready to create new PC’s.

Use The Old To Create The New

Computer companies have very much changed their attitude in the last 5 years about recycling. Closed-loop-recycling can be quite profitable for these companies; recycling their old gadgets or other manufacturers gadgets to create new versions with the same materials.

It’s thought by 2021 (in 2 years time) the globe will generate 57 million tons of e-waste. It’s now become one of the fastest growing waste streams which will have a huge impact on both the environment and economic opportunity.

We’ve already blogged about the impact of precious metal mining has decimated forests and gorilla populations. Alongside the animal populations, we blogged about the ‘Burner boys‘ in Africa who are experiencing health implications from burning plastic off the cabling to sell on the metals. Finally, there are the chemicals leaking into landfills from non-recycled devices…

In 2018 there was only a fraction of the worlds e-waste which was recycled; when you consider many devices are coated in flame retardant materials and encase mercury, lead and arsenic it’s no wonder our planet is suffering.

Our goal for 2019 is to encourage as many people as possible to recycle their devices appropriately. Selling your old laptop can prevent new materials being mined and old plastics being disposed of. It can help prevent dangerous substances being left to scorch the earth and reduce the plumes of black smoke from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

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Best Dell Laptops of 2019

A new year, means new technology; which is why we’ve written the latest review of the best Dell laptops of 2019.

Dell has always provided plenty of choices when it comes to laptops; from a wide range of colours, sizes and price ranges to the latest technology. The trouble with plenty of choices is how confusing it can become when comparing what you want.

What Do You Want From Your Dell Laptop

As with any PC or Laptop, make sure you decide on what you want; what is it you’re looking for in a laptop? You need to think about 3 things.

  • What do you want the laptop for? Gaming, web browsing, photography & artwork etc
  • What size do you want? Does it need to fit in a handbag, backpack etc
  • How much are you willing to pay? There may need to be a tradeoff between features to achieve the price you’re willing to pay.

We’re still a huge fan of the Dell XPS range and the 13 in particular; at just over £1000 it’s a high powered laptop in a lightweight package. It is all you could want from a tiny laptop and is powerful enough to run programs like photoshop without increasing the size of your bag.

If you prefer a larger screen there’s always the XPS 15 but these days many of us are so used to working on tablets we’re not bothered by having a huge screen.

The Dell Laptop for The Gamer

For the gamer, there’s the Dell G3. This laptop is a powerful machine; designed with gaming in mind it’s got enough power to ensure you’re always able to play. It does, however, have a 17.3-inch screen so isn’t the most portable of laptops.

The screen resolution is a little disappointing at 1080p but this does have a direct impact on the battery life and how long it will last during a game. At Just over £700 it’s a bargain for such a powerful device.

The Dell Laptop For Those On A Budget

The Dell Inspiron 7000 series is the laptop for those on a budget. Under £500 it’s a great little laptop but you have to forgo some features like the ability to use it for high powered gaming and artwork. Having said that, the 13 inch and 15-inch models are great for the usual web browsing, word documents, powerpoints and homework. There’s even a 2-in1 model to enable you to use it as a tablet too.

Selling Your Old Laptop

If you’re buying a new Dell laptop due to your old one having to retire be sure to sell your old laptop to Cash In Your Gadgets. We’ll give you a quote on line for your old one and all you have to do is carefully package it up and arrange a collection. We’ll put the money into your chosen account and you’re ready to buy your new laptop.



Can Recycling Gadgets Save Gorillas?

With just a few days to go until Christmas it’s always nice to have some positive news; so we thought we’d share how recycling mobiles and laptops can help ensure the declining populations of gorillas can recover.

Now, we know you’re probably thinking how on earth can these two things have such an impact on each other; it’s not like gorillas are using them on a weekly basis and being affected by WiFi and Bluetooth signals. 

Your Gadgets Are Destroying Their Home

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, gorilla populations are in decline, this is due to their natural habitat being destroyed by the mining of minerals including gold and coltan. These chemicals are found in everyday gadgets; their high demand has meant the homes of hundreds of gorillas are being destroyed every year.

The Statistics

According to the University Of South Australia Conservation Phycologist, “For every 30-40 mobile phones that are recycled on average 1 gram of gold can be recovered”. It’s estimated there are approximately 4 grams of gold in 30 laptops.

Critically Endangered

Unfortunately, our closest species is in decline, and in the Republic of Congo where the gold is mined, it’s thought there has been a 70% decline in recent years. With less than 4000 gorillas remaining in the wild, it’s about time something is done.

Recycling your laptop enables the gold to be reused in new computers and tech devices. This can help prevent the mines having to keep up with the demand. If every phone and laptop was recycled it’s thought that the gorilla population could begin to recover.  

A zoo in Melbourne took the data in 2009 and decided to do something about the problem; their goal was to educate visitors, show them the problem and help them become part of the solution. By 2014 the visitors to the zoo had donated more than 115,000 old mobile phones. 

The Future & The Solution

So, If you’d like to be a part of the solution, and you’d like to make some money while doing it. Find all of your old devices and recycle them with Cash In Your Gadgets. We’ll give you a live valuation and as soon as we receive your old laptop we’ll send you the cash. You can either spend this on a new PC, something nice for yourself or donate it to a gorilla charity.