19 July

The iPhone 8

We’re approaching the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, we know.. it’s  hard to imagine a life without smart phones.

To celebrate the launch Apple is going to be pulling out all the stops for the iPhone 8; we’re not sure what it will be called yet, but we know Apples been pretty ambitious with their plans for the new device.

Will it be ready in time?

Unfortunately, with big plans come small hiccups along the way; it’s been rumoured that Apple is having some teething problems with the technology behind their wireless charging and other features.

Speculation has begun about the radical redesign that is expected and the edge-to-edge display that might accompany it. Some of the biggest speculation is around the current finger print access and home button which is expected to be replaced with face and iris recognition similar to that seen on google phones.

Are smashed screens a thing of the past?

Apple appears to have worked hard to combat some of the struggles people have had with previous devices including smashed screens. The iPhone 8 is said to be built with OLED flexible plastic, replacing the LCD. The back of the phone is also rumoured to be changing from aluminium to glass; so if you don’t have a cracked screen, you might have a cracked back!

For those of you who’ve had to recycle too many phones due to water damage; you’ll be pleased to know the iPhone 8 will be water resistant. It’s not water proof but it will survive a spilt drink or brief submersion.

We’re excited to see how far the 1st & 8th iPhone have come in 10 years. If you plan to upgrade, you can recycle your old devices here.

07 July

Is it time to update your laptop or PC?

Lady uses iMac on a train

Lady spotted using iMac on a train

Do you ever feel like you’re lugging around a weighty laptop or waiting for ages for your desktop to start up?

This week the internet collectively agreed it was time for one lady to update her tech to a slightly more convenient system. She was travelling into kings cross and spotted using a full iMac, complete with mouse and keyboard!

Shocked commuters took photos and shared it on social media with the internet understandably baffled by the desktop. We all know what it’s like when you have an hour or so to kill; it’s easy to use the time to get stuck into work, but this is dedicated!

How to know when it’s time to get a new PC

Technology moves so quickly these days it’s hard to keep up with when to change your PC. Laptops have become lighter, faster and more capable the last 10 years so it may be worth an upgrade.

You can get a lot more power into quite a small device, you may find it becomes a decision between a tablet or small laptop like the Dell XPS.


Unfortunately, old computers are more prone to viruses; as new technology develops, companies begin to focus on blocking virus on the most current software. This leaves older devices prone to attack from malware and viruses which can become costly if you don’t know how to fix them.

Usage and Performance

Sometimes a computer can’t keep up with your needs anymore or the functions of new programs. If you find your Computer is struggling to use programs like PhotoShop; it may be worth looking for something more powerful.

It’s not just program performance though; you may find the battery is becoming tired, the screen resolution isn’t great and it takes an age to start up. These are all signs that your computer is on its way out; if you don’t have much tech knowledge and don’t feel confident wiping it and starting again…It might be best to start saving up.

The Blue Screen of Death

This is a sure sign you should be changing your PC. When your computer crashes with programs for no reason, you may have a malware or virus issue. To add insult to injury, when a PC reaches this point it’s usually out of warranty.

If you plan on buying a new PC you can always recycle it and add extra funds to your budget. We offer cash for laptops, PC’s, monitors and gadgets. Get a Quote Now


Vintage PC

05 July

Dead Battery?

low battery

We’ve all been there, looking for the nearest plug socket in a restaurant, bar and even the airport when our devices have used every last drop of juice left.

What causes phone, laptop and tablet batteries to die isn’t necessarily down to the charger or down to the fact you’re using the device so much it’s practically glued to your hand…

Here are some of the reasons you might find your devices start to struggle. It could be one, or all of the reasons.

Charge Cycles

Your devices have a finite number of times they can be changed. Just like a digital camera which also has a certain number of photos it can take before it wears out.  Your average iPhone battery will last between 300-500 battery charges before its charge capacity is reduced to 80% of its original ability. It will of cause begin to decrease slowly over time, and if you do the maths that’s around 2000 charges you will get out of a battery before it’s totally dead. Although, as your battery wears out it will last for fewer hours/minutes each time.

100% charged

When you’re charging a device; whether it’s a phone, laptop or tablet its best to ensure it’s always charged to 100%. We can’t be sure if a partial charge is considered as part of the charge cycle but it creates heat and energy so it does wear down the battery in the same way as a normal charge. It also means you don’t get as much battery for the damage you do!

Don’t leave It Plugged In

It’s also advised not to leave your laptop or phone plugged in when it’s fully charged. Unfortunately, most people leave their mobile and laptop plugged in overnight; which means currents are passing through the battery for a long period of time. By doing this you will eventually start causing the battery to corrode.

Our best advice is to charge your device on aeroplane mode for an hour in the morning. Once your alarm has gone off, plug it in. By the time you’ve had breakfast, showered and got ready for the day your device should be charged.

For laptops, it’s best to plug it in while you’re working. Don’t leave it plugged in indefinitely though; it will mean that the battery life is poor when you eventually need it.

Use the correct cable

It might seem like a gimmick when the phone companies get you to buy their cables when yours has gone missing, but it’s potentially dangerous not to. Cables and plugs can pass different levels of electricity through to your device. If a cable gives your phone/laptop extra electricity, it may charge faster but cause damage to the battery.

It’s less common to use the wrong charger for a laptop as the slots vary in size, but it’s always wise to use the correct brand and type.

If your phone battery or laptop battery is dead and it’s time to get an upgrade, you can recycle it with Cash in Your Gadgets.