16 March

What Is 5G?


5G Mobile Internet

Ok, we’ve all only just got used to 4G; it’s hard to imagine having to update your phone to cope with 5G anytime soon. It won’t be until 2020 but as time can fly, it will come around faster than you think!

What is 5G?

Without making it sound too simple 5G is the next generation of 4G mobile internet. While some houses in UK villages struggle to get more than 4-megabyte internet, our mobiles are about to get a whole lot faster.

What’s the Difference Between 5G and Broadband?

Depending on where you live your broadband speed can vary between 2mbps and 300mbps. Generally, these lower speeds will be found in rural villages while the higher speeds will be found in towns and cities.

4G tends to offer around 100Mbps while 5G will be upgrading download speeds to 10Gbps. Mbps is megabits per second while Gbps is gigabit per second which works out around 100o times faster than 4G.

What Does that Mean for Downloads & Streaming?

You’ll be pleased to know it will reduce the buffering you sometimes experience. Some mobile network providers are already extremely ambitious with the new technology, Nokia has been reported to suggest you can stream 8K video in 3G.

Its currently being trialled in areas of the USA so it shouldn’t be long until we see the updates across the pond here in the UK.

When Will We Get 5G?

You can expect to see 5G roll out across the UK and elsewhere in Europe in 2020; although, you may see it as early as 2019 depending on your location, however, this is dependant on some of the deals which will need to take place between providers.

Will You Need a New Phone?

Unfortunately, you will! Much like 4G, you will need to upgrade your device to make the most of the faster internet. The reason for the upgrade is because 5G will work on a totally new frequency to both 3G and 4G. To tune into this new frequency you will require a new modem chip in your device.

You won’t have to rush out and buy a new device right away; 5G is quite a way off, companies have so many hurdles to overcome before we see a staged rollout of the technology. It’s thought though that this will enable amazing advances in technology, aided by super fast internet speeds across the country.

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12 March

The Future Of Computer Plastics

Sell Old Laptop

It may seem like a crazy concept, but this we the news that in the future plastics could be made from plants and other bio-based materials. We wondered could computers be made from these plant-based materials as well?

Solving The Plastic Crisis

Plastics are some of the most useful materials we have, everywhere you look you’re surrounded by different types. Most computers or laptops will have a plastic keyboard or frame.

Unfortunately, the plastic industry is facing two major issues; firstly the resources are dwindling, secondly, plastics are causing monumental damage to our planet. For these reasons, companies have been researching into alternatives for the last decade.

Single Use Plastics

At the forefront of the issue is single-use plastics, they add up to around 40% of the global plastic production. It’s estimated around 128 million tonnes, with the vast majority unable to be recycled.

The fundamental issue for these plastics is how they continue to find their way into the marine environment. They fracture into tiny pieces which find their way into rivers and eventually the sea/ocean. Once there, the marine life digests it before they become part of our food chain.

How Can We Use Plants To Make Plastic?

Plastic is made using oil-based materials; for several years there has been vast research into utilising sustainable sources of chemicals such as bio-based options rather than oil. This could be anything from wood, to waste food; these materials can then be broken down into useful chemicals and turned into plastics.

Although the plastics would still work in the same way we know, they would be recyclable and totally biodegradable.

The Future

Although you won’t be getting a PC made of old ham sandwiches and last weeks roast dinner anytime soon, the research is a positive step to changing the way we use plastic.

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07 March

Why Sell to Cash In Your Gadgets?

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How To Sell to Cash In Your Gadgets

If you don’t know how much your gadgets are worth don’t worry; our website makes it quick and simple to get a quote.

We’ve tried to give lots of hints and tips throughout the process; all you need to know is the make, model and condition of your device. If you are unsure what we’re asking at any point, you can click the question mark for more details.

Once you’re happy with all of your answers you can proceed to the checkout, here we will collect your details and register the devices you’ll be sending us.

Why Sell to Us?

We don’t deny there are lots of methods of sale out there. Unfortunately, they aren’t always as secure and reliable as us. We try our best to take the hassle out of the process, giving you a fair price for your gadgets and a process we think is hassle-free.

Cash In Your Gadgets is fully certified to recycle your tech safely; we can also guarantee your data will be fully removed. Unlike selling sites, we also offer free postage meaning the cash you’re offered is what you get to keep.

Why We Pay Cash For Old Gadgets

Every gadget deserves a second chance and at Cash In Your Gadgets we help people trade in their old gadgets for cash. Selling your old tech to us is quick, simple and you can get paid within 2 working days.

Why Does The Condition Matter?

The condition of your gadgets determines how much we can offer for them. It can also affect how we plan to process the products; if they are in full working order there’s the potential for them to be used as spare parts or whole units.

Can I Do Bulk Recycling

Of cause, we accept lots of bulk bundles by companies or organisations. If you have over 20 laptops or 10 desktops to sell, we can organise for a dedicated courier to collect the items from you. To prevent any damage to the goods we’ll ensure the courier we’ve arranged brings the products directly to us.


Although we encourage anybody selling gadgets to us to personally wipe all data off their device, we also conduct complete and secure data removal.

For business and charities who recycle IT assets with Cash in your Gadgets, you’ll be provided with a data wipe certificate. Data sanitation of IT assets is only achieved by licensed software and using MOD standard overwrite methods.

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