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Selling Your Laptop in the UK – the right way

Sales and marketing are an art form; presenting a product in the best light (in every sense) and then convincing someone to pay the price you want for it are not skills that come naturally to all.

There are a number of different sales routes to consider when selling an old laptop; some require more sales and marketing skills than others. You can sell your laptop privately at a car boot sale, on eBay or using Freeads style websites or newspapers. Or you can also consider using a company which offers a reverse ecommerce or recycling service for laptops; just like will offer to buy your car for a fixed price, companies like will offer to buy your laptop. These companies attempt to take away the hassle, time and effort required to sell items privately, so before deciding how you’ll sell your laptop, let’s look at what exactly is involved in using each of the different methods.

Car Boot Sale
A key factor in setting the price of an item is its demand; the more people that are interested in buying your item, the higher you can set the price (within reason). The converse is also true; if there are a low number of interested parties, the price must be set lower in order to ensure demand.

Most car boot sale offer a poor number people interesting in buying a laptop and therefore we’d expect to have to set the price we ask for our laptop very low if we wish to sell it.

eBay and Similar.
eBay may sometimes seem like an online car boot sale but it differs from any physical market place in one key areas; Potential Customers. eBay is 1000’s of times bigger than any car boot sale and your laptop falls in to one of the biggest categories there is, however, this means standing out from the crowd requires a professional listing, high volume and quality of feedback as well as the time to answer questions and deal with potential non-paying winning bidders.

Reserve Ecommerce / Cash in your Gadgets
There is another way. Websites like Cash in your Gadgets will provide an instant and fair quote for almost any laptop. They do this will the absolute minimum of technical information and will provide all the help you need at all stages of the process. The price includes a free courier collection, complete data wiping of the hard drive and a 100% satisfaction guarantee – should they be forced to revise the price offered for any reason and you are not entirely satisfied, they’ll return the laptop completely free of charge.

So the simplest, easy and most efficient way to sell your laptop safely in the UK with a hassle free service is through Cash in your Gadgets – that’s the right way.



How Can I Sell My Laptop Safely?

Selling a personal or business laptop is a little different to selling many other items. Most importantly, regardless of how much you may receive once you sell a laptop, you must protect the personal data which may have been stored on your laptop’s hard drive first, or selling your laptop could cost you money in the long run.

The Recycling Bin is not safe!

Many people believe a file or piece of data is deleted forever once they click delete or recycle it from the Windows recycling bin. They may then mistakenly believe that they can safely sell their laptop privately with little danger of their personal information being recovered. In fact, the method used by Windows (and all other operating systems) to “erase” data doesn’t really erase it at all. All that happens is that operating system becomes unable to recall all the places on the laptop’s hard drive where a particular piece of data is stored, it can then therefore no longer return the data and will in time overwrite the old data with new data. However, using specialist, but easily available, software it is possible to find all the pieces of deleted data and to reconstruct the original information; be it a photo, bank statement or medical record.

So how can I safely Sell My Laptop?

In order to prevent nefarious individuals reconstructing your most personal data after you sell your laptop, it is necessary to overwrite the old data with random new data. This can be achieved in many ways but most easily by using a free piece of software call “Freeraser”.

Simply install Freeraser on the laptop your wish to sell and then use it just like the Windows recycling bin. Place any personal files or folders (photos, documents, downloads etc.) in to the Freeraser bin and the program will completely erase the data and overwrite your laptop’s hard drive with random new information.

If you’d rather a professional take care of your data erasing, look out for laptop recycling companies that include complete data wiping as part of their service (like us); and ask for further details if the information is not clear. The best companies will completely erase the entire hard drive and will be happy to provide a certificate to prove this has taken place.

If you would like further information on safely selling your laptop or if you simply have a question about our services we are more than happy to help; contact us on 0845 557 5900 or fill in our enquiries form and we will aim to reply within 24 hours.



Broken Laptop? Fixing it may be easier than you think (Problem #2)

With more and more laptops being sold every day there are is an increase in the number of laptops dying and in need of some desperate TLC. Some people think that a broken laptop means hours comparing models, brands and software all resulting in a large cost at the end. But did you know that there are many common problems with laptops that mean it is possible to restore your laptop to its former glory without the high price tag.

Problem –

My laptop is slow, it crashes and sometimes won’t open basic programs like my web browser or media player.

FIX IT- The solution

The amount of free hard disk space can be a major factor in the performance of your laptop. When there is little available hard disk space, for example less than 10% of the total drive space, the operating system has to work much harder than usual to read and write data and the chance of the data becoming fragmented is much greater.

The solution is remove data from the hard drive in order to free up space, this is usually best achieved by removing programs, games and media files. It is usually quite easy to identify old programs or video files that you no longer need to keep on your laptop. Programs & games can be viewed by accessing Windows control panel via the start button. You will see a section of the control panel page titled “Add / Remove Programs” or “Uninstall Program”. Select this and a list of the programs installed on your laptop will appear. This list can be sorted by size or date the program was last used. Carefully select any programs that you know are no longer needed or that due to their size; you can do without using on this laptop.

If you have stored all your video media in one folder, it is easy to sort this by file size and then decide which of your entirely un-pirated movie collection you can bare to part with. You can select multiple file by folding down the CTRL key whilst left clicking on each file. Once you’ve selected the group you wish to delete; simply right click on any of the selected files (or individually if you have not selected a group) and left click delete.

If you have large media files spread over multiple folders, sub-folders or even different disk drives, use a free tool like Folder Size to quickly and easily identify the folders where the largest files are stored, without needing to look in each sub-folder individually.

Pro Tip #1 – Don’t forget to empty the recycling bin after deleting files. The disk space won’t be truly “free” until Windows has been told you are certain you wish to delete these items.

Pro Tip #2 – Download and regularly use a tool like the free version of CCleaner to quickly and safely remove the 1000’s of small files which your operating system will create over time. These tiny files (often well under 1MB) can build up to a substantial amount of disk space and removing these files can have a substantial effect on your laptops performance.

If your laptop is still not working or you’re looking to sell your old laptop, visit Cash in Your Gadgets for more tips and an instant quote, including a free courier collection and complete data wiping, for almost any laptop.