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Reasons to Trade in Your Laptop

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Many of us have old laptops we are no longer using for one reason or another. The laptop may be too broken to use, have a few niggling faults, or it may simply no longer be needed. You may have bought a new laptop, or you may simply no longer use laptops at all. With the rising popularity of tablets, many of us are choosing to ditch laptops when it comes to recreational use. One option if you are wanting rid of it is to trade in your laptop. Read on to find out more.

It Is Broken

One of the reasons why you may no longer use your laptop is that it is broken. Whether the problem is small or large, something as simple as a few missing keys can deter us from making use of our gadgets. One option in this case is to fix the laptop yourself, or get someone else to do it for you. However, many – if not most – of us do not have the skills or know-how to fix a laptop, and the costs involved with paying someone may prove to not be worth the hassle. In these cases, choosing to trade in your laptop is a great idea. Not only will you not have to deal with the costs or hassle of fixing a broken laptop, but you will also receive some money towards buying a new one. Even if the laptop seems totally broken to you, experts may be able to fix it and sell it on – with you benefitting from some of the profits.

You Don’t Use It

Another reason why you may choose to trade in your laptop is that you simply do not use it anymore. It may be that you have bought a newer model, or perhaps you have recently finished a University degree and no longer need the full use of a laptop. When a laptop is in working order but doesn’t get much use, it can be tempting to keep hold of it anyway ‘just in case’. However, the longer you keep hold of your unused gadgets, the less value they have, so it is best to trade in your laptop as soon as possible.

You Need the Money

The final reason why you might choose to trade in your laptop is that you need the money. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to make ends meet, and it can be a good idea to sell a laptop that isn’t strictly necessary for your day to day life. Many of us have tablets or smart phones that are just as good for browsing the web, and choosing to trade in your laptop could provide you with that little bit of extra cash for birthdays, Christmas or just for the bills.

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How to Recycle or Sell a Laptop

Sell Old Laptop

Nowadays, most of us own a laptop, notebook or tablet – or a combination of the three. Sometimes we decide that we do not want ours anymore because there’s a newer model out and we want the next best thing. Other times, our technology might actually be a little too old for our needs, and we might need a new laptop in order to do our jobs or perform our hobbies. Occasionally, our laptops and tablets may actually be broken and we may lack the knowledge and resources to fix them. In these cases, it can be a good idea to either give away, recycle or sell the laptop.

Give Away Your Laptop

Giving away your used gadgets can be a brilliant idea if you can afford to do so. If your laptop or tablet works well, then you may find that someone else can make good use of it. This could be a friend, family member or complete stranger. Perhaps a relative needs a laptop for their studies? If you don’t need the money, it could be worth asking around to see whether someone could benefit from your generosity. You should ensure that you erase all of the data on your gadget so no one can access any private information.
Recycle Your Laptop

Another option is to recycle your gadgets. Electronics are classed as hazardous waste, and their disposal in normal household waste causes pollution. Depending on where you bought your laptop, you might be able to return it free of charge for them to recycle. If not, your local council may have a scheme for recycling old laptops or there may be another recycling service in your area. Again, you should ensure that your device has had all of its data wiped so no one can access any private information.

Sell Your Laptop

The final option, of course, is to sell your laptop. For many people, this is the best option, especially if the laptop is in good condition and will sell well. There are many places you can sell a laptop, including local sell-and-seek type groups, online sites such as Ebay and sites which recycle your laptop for money. Each has its advantages, however using sites which recycle your laptop for money is often the most reliable. Using sell-and-seek type websites or Ebay can result in complications if the buyer is dissatisfied, even if there is nothing wrong with the product, and you may find that the selling process takes longer. Using a site which recycles your laptop for money is quick and convenient, and they will permanently erase your data for you.

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Why Would Someone Buy My Laptop That’s Broken?


As with all technology, sometimes laptops break. Whether the screen is broken, the keys missing or it won’t start up, unless you have a good knowledge of laptops then you will find it difficult or impossible to fix. Luckily, lots of companies now buy your broken gadgets off you so you can have a head start in saving for a new one! The saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure rings true here, but why exactly would a company want to buy my laptop that’s broken?

Why Buy My Laptop That’s Broken?

One of the reasons why someone, or a company, might want to buy a broken laptop is to fix it and sell it on as a refurbished laptop. Often, what is an impossible problem to fix for you is easy for technology experts. For example, broken screens are frequently the result of a damaged wire which is easy to replace for those with the skills and know-how.

If the laptop is too difficult or impossible to fix, however, then a person or company may buy the laptop in order to strip and sell for parts. Whilst you may not know how to dismantle a laptop without causing further damage, an expert will be able to take it apart and use for fixing other laptops.

Why Let Someone Buy My Laptop Instead of Fixing Myself?

Knowing that many broken laptops can be fixed easily or sold for parts, it may be tempting to cut out the middle man and fix or dismantle yourself. This is a great idea if you know what you’re doing, but if you’re not an expert then you could wind up causing more damage and reducing the value of the laptop.

Alternatively, you might think it would be beneficial to pay for your laptop to be fixed yourself. Whilst this is a great idea for some smaller problems, the associated costs can mean you wind up out of pocket. Remember, you are paying for someone’s time and labour costs and this can be substantial. Selling your laptop and buying a new one instead could save you money, and you’ll have a nice new laptop!

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