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How Much Can I Sell My Laptop For?

At some point in time every laptop owner will ask themselves the question “how much can I sell my laptop for”. This may be when considering upgrading your old laptop or when your laptop finally stops working altogether. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to know for sure how much money your laptop will sell for before you go to sell it.

I’ve recently asked myself the very question, “how much can I sell my laptop for?” after finding that the minimum laptop specification for a new game I had bought was greater than my old laptop could muster.

After looking at a vast number of completed listing on ebay I was still no clearer on how much money can I sell my laptop for. There were many laptops with similar specifications to mine but the final prices these laptops sold were highly variable; knowing how much I can sell my laptop for is going to be harder than I expected.

I began to wonder how I would ever find out how much I can sell my laptop for and if I had only used eBay I don’t think I would ever have known. Luckily, I’d heard of Cash in your Gadgets, a website which provides an instant valuation of any laptop based on the bare minimum of information.

Finally, I’d found a website which will instantly answer the question “how much can I sell my laptop for?” The process was super simple and I was given a guaranteed amount for me to sell my laptop for. I arranged a courier collection and the payment arrived in my account a total of 3 days later. The price was exactly as promised and the process was completely hassle free.

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Who Would Buy My Laptop?

2608 Laptop


If you are thinking about selling your old bits of technology, you may ask yourself ‘who would want to buy my laptop?’. Both companies and individuals alike may want to buy your laptop for a number of reasons. Read on to find out more.


When asking yourself ‘who would want to buy my laptop?’ you may not realise that there are a number of companies out there who would like to buy your laptop. Depending on the condition of your laptop, the company may sell your laptop directly on to someone else, fix your laptop before selling it to someone else or dismantle your laptop to sell for parts. If your laptop is broken and you are unable to fix it, you may find that selling your laptop to a company who will fix it is a good way of earning some money, as paying for it to be fixed and returned to you can be more expensive than it is worth. Similarly, if you do not know enough about laptops to dismantle it yourself then selling it may be the best option as an inexperienced hand my break the parts and render them valueless.


When asking yourself ‘who would want to buy my laptop?’ you may also not realise that many individuals will buy your laptop. As with companies, experienced individuals may sell your laptop directly on to someone else, fix your laptop before selling it to someone else or dismantle your laptop to sell for parts. An individual may also fix your laptops for themselves, if they have the skills and the know-how to do so.

Is it Best for a Company or Individual to Buy My Laptop?

When trying to sell your laptop, you have the option of selling to a company or individual. However, when faced with the decision of who to sell it to, many people aren’t sure of the advantages or disadvantages. Depending on the circumstances, it is generally better to sell your laptop to a company. Often, individuals offer more money for laptops, which can seem like the better deal. This is a great option if you are prepared to take a risk. However, if you would prefer more security in your sale then selling to a company may be the better option. Individuals will be more likely to cancel a cheque, for example, or may begin a dispute regarding the return of the product. A registered, professional company such as Cash in Your Gadgets is much less risky, and their price promise means the price offered is the amount you will receive, or you will have your laptop returned to you free of charge.

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Trade in Your Laptop for a Summer Break


Whether it is relatively new or quite old, fully functioning or broken, choosing to trade in your laptop is a great way of earning some extra money for a summer holiday. With summer fast approaching, our thoughts turn to sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. The best way of doing this is by going on a summer break. Whether this is in the UK, or further afield where glorious sunshine is a little easier to find, holidays can be expensive. Often, we may not be able to afford the holiday we crave, especially when the holiday itself takes away any opportunity of overtime. One way to earn some extra cash is to trade in your laptop.

Why Trade In My Laptop?

Whilst trading in your laptop for a holiday may seem like an extreme step to take, it could actually be the best decision to make. First of all, since many of us do not use our laptops for work, we probably only use it for browsing the internet. However, in this day and age most of us have mobiles or tablets, or even both, meaning that it is simply not necessary to have a laptop too. Even if we do not use our laptops, it can be tempting to keep hold of them ‘just in case’ they are needed. Often this is the result of our reluctance to get rid of our belongings, since we know rationally that we will never need the laptop again. In these cases, choosing to trade in your laptop is a great idea as the value of laptops decreases with time. In other words, whilst you are waiting for that ‘just in case’ moment that will more than likely never come, you are literally losing money. Money that could be spent on a holiday!

Why Holiday?

You may be thinking that choosing to trade in your laptop is a great idea to earn a little more money, but are not convinced that spending it on a holiday is the best idea. This is often again due to the ‘just in case’ mind-set, as lots of us are reluctant to spend our money in case we need it at a later date. However, whilst good money management and a healthy savings account are essential in life, it is important to enjoy yourself too. As the saying goes, you only live once, and it should be a high priority to have a good time while you can!

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