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Should You Sell a Laptop and Buy a Tablet Instead?

Laptop and Tablet

Laptop ownership is holding up relatively well against the onslaught of tablet adoption. But for many people the idea of owning two of these gadgets will be too much for their needs and their budget.

So should you sell a laptop and get a tablet in its place, or is it a good idea to stick with a portable PC and leave tablets to the most tech-hungry consumers out there?

Ease of Use
When it comes to ease of use, it is hard to argue that laptops are superior to tablets, especially if the main thing you are going to be doing is browsing the web, using social media and playing games.

Being able to kick back on the sofa with a tablet in one hand and a cup of tea in the other is much easier than trying to lounge with your laptop building up a lot of heat on your lap.

In addition, the user experience offered by tablets is generally more intuitive, especially when considering operating systems like Apple’s iOS and even Google’s Android. Designed to be controlled by touch, voice and gesture, it is a far cry from the mouse- and keyboard-driven experience of laptops.

When it comes to value for money, the tablet is another winner in the modern market. You can spend under £200 on a tablet and still get a device which is slick, fluid and powerful enough to handle most tasks.

The same cannot be said for the more affordable laptops that are around at the moment. Either they will be hampered by sluggish hardware that cannot keep up with the operating systems and software on board, or they will be reliant on cloud-based services, as with Google’s Chromebook range, which will mean that without an internet connection they are largely useless.

Tablets can even match laptops when it comes to productivity thanks to things like Bluetooth keyboard peripherals, so you do not need to sacrifice work-related uses if you do decide to ditch a laptop and move over to a tablet-only approach to computing.

You can sell a laptop on this site and get cash for your old gadget rather than letting it gather dust, using this money to invest in a tablet or any other item you desire.



Who Will Buy My Laptop? Making Tech Ownership Sustainable

By the end of the decade, the UK is aiming to have increased recycling rates to 50 per cent. And while household waste plays a big part in improving the environmental credentials of the country, consumers are also being encouraged to think about how they dispose of their electronic items.


E-waste is problematic because much of it is exported, with old laptops, PCs and other pieces of hardware ending up in places like China, where they are not guaranteed to be disposed of or recycled in a safe and sustainable way.

Once you realise ‘someone will buy my laptop’, things become a lot easier and sustainability can be attained within the tech industry thanks to the actions of consumers. Reselling your device so that it can be used by someone else, perhaps after a minor refurbishment has been carried out, is the most eco-friendly option, and it is a route that a growing number of British people are taking.

The Power of Choice
Laptop owners have lots of options at the end of a device’s usable life, but in too many instances people can procrastinate and an old portable PC will end up left unused in a corner or packed away in the attic, where its intrinsic value decreases and it becomes more and more likely to simply end up being sent to landfill.

For people who are feeling generous, giving away an old laptop to a family member or friend can be a great way of extending its usefulness for someone who really needs it and also keeping it away from the scrap heap for longer.

Specialists Will Buy My Laptop
If a laptop is very sluggish in the performance stakes, is in need of repair work for which you are not willing to pay or you do not have someone to hand it down to, then selling it is sensible.

You can sell laptops privately, but it is quicker to get a quote from a professional organisation so that the true value of it can be assessed and you can receive payment promptly.

Check out the rest of the site if you want to sell your laptop without any hassle and make a return on your original investment in the device when the time has come to part ways with it.



Top Reasons to Trade In Laptop Devices

2608 Laptop

Millions of people still rely on laptops for fun and productive purposes. But if a portable PC is coming to the end of its usable life, there are some very good reasons to trade in laptops rather than simply leaving it to gather dust.

Pushing for Power
Laptops can soldier on for years without requiring an upgrade, although the rate at which hardware improves is significant, and some modern software and online services may not run optimally on older models. People who trade in laptop PCs tend to do so primarily because the processor, RAM or other key components are not capable of performing in the modern age, and this is as good a reason as any.

Earning Cash
Recycling does not have to be a purely altruistic process, especially when it comes to laptops. Getting paid for unwanted products is easy, especially with online quotes available. This can then be put towards the purchase of a new model or invested in anything else that is required.

A Timely Upgrade
Now is a good time to trade in laptop models to upgrade to a newer version because Microsoft is preparing to launch Windows 10, and users with older versions of the OS are being offered a free copy of this cutting-edge platform when it is released. This means that there is no need to wait for it to arrive, as the free copy can be claimed now and downloaded later.

Greener Pastures
Laptops are useful for a particular type of person, particularly those who are keen on getting an all-round user experience which helps with practical tasks when necessary while also playing host to multimedia entertainment. But those who only harness their laptop for online shopping, video streaming and social networking might be better with a different type of device.

Tablets are an ideal modern stand-in for these more passive types of use, and they also offer engaging games and apps to help pass the time. And with affordable tablets available, a laptop trade-in may well cover the cost of migrating.

You can trade in laptop models and other gadgets on the site and use the cash for whatever you need, whether that is an upgrade or a switch to a new device such as a tablet.

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