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How to reduce the cost of your phone contract

reducing the cost of a phone contract

Many of us find ourselves on a phone contract these days; when mobile phones first came on the market the majority of us used to be on pay as you go.


With the introduction of the internet and smartphones, the contract soon took off, starting at low rates of £10-15 per month they have steadily grown to £40 and £50 per month to cover the cost of devices.

The contract cost generally covers the cost of the handset and a monthly contract for internet, texts and calls. This month it was discovered that millions of people who don’t upgrade their phones continue to pay inflated rates after their contract has expired. In theory, it should drop to just the rate of your data, excluding the handset you’ve now paid for.

iPhone X

Our guess is as good as yours when it comes to pricing the iPhone X contract.The iPhone 8 costs around £50-60 per month with the handset alone costing £699 we can only assume the iPhone X will average out at £110-120 per month.

With these prices a long way from the £15 they used to be, it may be worth looking for ways to save money.

How To Save

The best way to start saving it to look at how much of your data you’re actually using, from calls to internet and texts. With the rise in WhatsApp and iMessage, we’re pretty confident you don’t text as much as you think.

Looking over your bill for a few months running you will get a greater understanding of how much data you currently use. As many contracts for high-value phones come with unlimited calls, texts and data it’s worth considering if you really need unlimited as this is where the saving can be made.

Alternatively, if you’re willing to put the money up front, you have the ability to make a saving overall. For example, the iPhone 8 is £699, if you have this on a 24-month contract the phone works out at £29.12 per month plus a £9 per month contract (4gb data, unlimited texts and calls). Over 2 years this works out at £915.

On contract….With the lowest upfront cost of £9.99, your contract will cost £62.99 per month (20gb of data, unlimited calls and texts). At the end of your two-year contract, you will have paid a staggering £1,521.75. Unfortunately, this overpayment of £606.75 is for the pleasure of not having to pay upfront. Although it can be tough trying to find the money initially, buying a phone outright can save you the cost of your next handset when you’re ready to upgrade.

If you’re thinking, that’s for 4gb, not 20gb; the closest deal is for 20gb is £16 per month, still leaving you with an enormous saving of £438.74.

Making Some Extra Cash

If you’d like to save some extra cash to buy your next phone outright, why not sell your old mobile (or mobiles) to Cash in Your Gadgets. Remember to pay a monthly fee that you would have been willing to sign up to, into a separate account and that way you can be sure to have enough for an upgrade in 2 years time.



October Tech News Roundup

October mobile phones

In the world of tech, everything moves very quickly; from one day to the next there’s new phones, gadgets, laptops and desktops available.

This month we’ve seen the technology market change quite significantly; for this reason, we’ve put together a monthly roundup of the need-to-know news.


At the beginning of the month, we were just about wrapping our heads around the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel2 has been picking up complaints about devices getting screen burn and high pitch noises. Not a great start to the month for either brand but there are often teething problems with new devices; something to watch out for when buying.

If you’re in the market for a new phone there are pretty good deals out this month; as the shops begin to get ready for Christmas they have started throwing in added extras, even for those upgrading.

As with anything tech, when you take the plunge and buy one of these new phones, there’s sure to be something new come out in the next few months. If you’re willing to hold on until 2018, you’ll see the launch of the; Galaxy S9, HTC and Sony Xperia XZ1.

Laptops and Surfaces

This month saw the launch of Microsoft surface book 2, with the reviews positioning it as the laptop of the future. The new design is paving the way for modern computing with reality, AI, machine learning and immersive gaming.

If you’re looking for something a little less pricey as the Christmas season draws near, there are plenty of options available. The Acer R11 Intel, a 11.6-inch laptop/tablet is only £219 at Tesco; or if you’re looking specifically for a laptop the Linx UltraSlim is £249.


Facebook and Twitter made changes to their algorithms this month which has impacted millions of companies online. Reaching your fans has become slightly more challenging with the latest updates. Twitter has also announced changes to its ad transparency; making all political ads purchased on the platform visible as well as the identifier of the purchasers including the targeting information.

Uber had its licence revoked putting the jobs of thousands of taxi drivers into question. TFL’s decision to revoke the licence has attracted over 800,000 signatures to get the service back. The decision has highlighted how mobile phones have changed the way we live; relying on them daily just to move around the city.

If you are planning to ditch your old gadgets including cameras, games consoles and laptops, be sure to recycle them properly. Why not add a little extra cash to your Christmas budget by selling your old phone to Cash In Your Gadgets.




Black Friday 2017

Black Friday

It’s not long now until black Friday; one day a year when shoppers go crazy, advertising on the internet goes wild and there are incredible bargains.

This year Black Friday falls on November 24th; the tradition started in America and it always falls on the first Friday after Thanks Giving. Black Friday came to the UK in 2010 with Amazon, quickly followed by other retailers. It’s already one of the biggest spending days of the year, along with Cyber Monday and boxingday.

Every year it’s a day where shoppers go crazy but it can be a great day to pick up the latest smartphones, laptops and tablets. It can be hard to spot a bargain though, and it’s worth doing your research early.

How to spot a bargain on Black Friday

Keep an eye on the price for a few weeks, this can help ensure you know what the price difference is.
Make sure you know and understand what the monthly cost is and the upfront cost, sometimes it can look like a better deal than it is.

For the last few years, brands like Apple haven’t been caught up in the black Friday hype. Fans wait with bated breath to see what’s on offer but previously it’s been as small as an iTunes voucher. You may struggle to find a deal with Apple and Samsung directly, but there are usually deals with phone network providers like O2, EE, Carphone Warehouse and Three.


If you know you’d like to buy a handset on black Friday, we advise you pre-register for the event, many of the phone companies have had to manage stock expectations which means registering your interest.

Previous year’s deals

Last year there were some pretty huge savings with some companies offering week-long sales. Carphone warehouse ran a 10-day offer including £200 off the iPhone 6s and £200 off the Samsung Galaxy S7.
The deals don’t stop at mobile phones, keep an eye out on Dell, Acer & PC world for deals across all electrical devices

Out with the old and in with the new

Inevitably old devices are left in draws or thrown away when a new shiny gadget arrives. If you’re planning on ditching last years phone; be sure to recycle it, or save yourself even more, by recycling it.