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Pokemon Go Harry Potter Style

Just as people have finally stopped walking around waving their phones about trying to catch Pokemon; we’re about to be hit with a Harry Potter Pokemon Go version.

About Pokemon Go

The game was first launched in 2016 by Niantic using augmented reality; a technology that combines your phone camera and digital images to make it appear like a character is within the photo frame. Pokemon Go was an extremely successful app with around 45 million users every day. It’s also generated more than £915 million sales.

Pokemon Go, A great form of exercise

Pokemon Go was a huge success on its launch with health advisers actually encouraging children to use the app. The location-based game has seen an increase in young children and adults out walking with friends in an attempt to capture Pokemon.

Details about the app are still scarce, it’s expected to launch next year with significant influence from the Niantic game Ingress allowing players to roam the country collecting objects, exploring and defending locations.

What Harry Potter Go will be like

We can only guess that the game will be filled with epic spell battles with young adults racing down the street shouting expelliarmus.

It appears that there are going to be several new games based on JK Rowling’s characters that are going to be released under the Porkey Games. Why the new name? Because the Portkey transports wizards from place to place. In this case, a world of augmented reality.

Previous AR games

It wasn’t until Pokemon released their AR game that it really took off. Previously Niantic had attempted to make it popular in 2012 but with little uptake. Many game players still play without AR to ensure a longer battery life; however, we can expect to see a more robust and complex game in 2018 to keep us active.



Tinder Creates Instagram Style Feed

Tinder really took online dating by storm in 2017, its become one of the top dating apps with thousands of success stories.

How Tinder makes money

The company is featured as a free app allowing users to set their location radius and search their surrounding areas for the perfect date. The premium version allows users to set their location to another city, and rewind swiped matches for when your friend gets hold of your phone.

Tinder also announced another paid upgrade in 2017; tinder gold, this new feature enables users to see who’s already matched them before swiping yes or no.

Plans For New Updates

Last week tinder announced some exciting new features; their aim is to make it feel far easier to get to know the person you’re matched with. The aim according to the CEO of tinder is ‘to blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds of dating’.

The new features are currently in testing but are expected to be available for users in early 2018.


As app companies merge and take inspiration from each other it’s no surprise tinder is launching a new ‘Feed’; something we’ve seen on facebook, twitter and Instagram.

The feeds will feature your favourite songs on Spotify, and your Instagram account to enable possible matches to see more of what you may have in common before starting a conversation.

The new feature may encourage users to swipe matches more carefully; aware of the information they are sharing when two users have both swiped right and a match is found.

At the moment the new features are only in testing; we’re expecting to see the latest update released in early 2018 once it’s been given the go ahead. We’re keen to see how it’s going to affect the privacy of users and how they plan to protect users.



Could The UK Miss Recycling Targets?

Every year each country is given recycling targets to reach, 2017 is like no other but the UK may be about to miss their target in electrical recycling.

Feeling bad?

We all have a collective responsibility to recycle, it’s hard not to feel the collective disappointment about missing a target. Many people don’t even realise we’re aiming for targets on electrical waste including fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers.

Why will we miss it?

It’s largely down to the way that waste is categorised. 2016 was a record year for household WEEE collections with tonnages reaching a high record in most categories. The targets for 2017 were ambitious, with quarter 1 already falling behind on collections.

It is said that electrical waste will rise by 33% from 49 million tons generated last year. These stats are based on data used to form a plan to solve the E-waste problem as a way of tackling it on a country by country basis.

It is calculated by the amount of electrical equipment sold around the world and the amount of water electronic equipment.

A Global Problem

On the bright side, the UK isn’t officially the wors country; the USA is by far the worst offender at 9.4 million tons of e-waste each year, with over 26,000 tons of waste being sent to poorer countries. Alongside the USA, China is another major contributor to the global problem; despite our comparative size the UK aren’t far behind ranking 6th in the world.

Unsurprisingly mobile phones are one of the worst offenders with around 14 million of them being exported; the majority of these are sent to Hong Kong, Latin America and Caribbean.

Unfortunately though, despite being one of the smaller countries, Brittan is the worst offender in the EU.

Why should we change?

A recent TV show with Reggie Yates shows the detrimental effect the toxic chemicals in the waste can have on those who are left to clean up. Not only are we destroying our environment and harming those who deal with it; we’re throwing away thousands of pounds worth of materials every day.

It’s estimated there are 10 million tones of electric products that will be purchased in the UK over the next 6 years. This equates to 20 tons of gold, 400 tons of silver and 7 tons of platinum. The value of this? Around 1.5 billion pounds. It’s predicted that 1/4 of products that are thrown into a bin can be recycled or re-used, equating to a waste of around £200 million pounds worth of waste per year.

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