5 reasons you should recycle your old Laptop

5 reasons you should recycle your old Laptop

There’s no way of escaping the phrase “we live in a throwaway society”, but if we’re honest we’ve all got a drawer with old iPads, iPhones, Laptops and Tablets in. When they have been a part of your life for so long it’s quite hard to get rid when they give up the ghost.

It’s really important to recycle your old products properly though to ensure your data is safe and the components don’t end up in a landfill.

Here are our top reasons why you should recycle:

  1. It’s a Global Problem
    Accumulation of waste isn’t just a gadget issue or an issue in the UK. If you’ve seen episodes of Bear Grylls Island you’ll have seen waste the Islanders picked up and re-used. Households in the UK are encouraged to recycle kitchen, garden and plastic waste, but it’s increasingly important to repurpose parts of our technology
  2. Computers are actually full of hazardous material
    These chemicals can damage the environment which is why you can’t just dump them in a landfill. The list of substances in notebooks and laptops is long; from lead to chromium and mercury. These chemicals are safe when encased in plastic, but when chucked in a landfill the plastic breaks and begins to damage the environment.
  3. It’s easy, there’s no real excuse
    At Cash in Your Gadgets, we give you money for your old devices including laptops, iPhones, mobiles and tablets. We’re a certified e-cycler, which means we ensure your sensitive data is destroyed and we recycle the materials safely to ensure they don’t become toxic waste.
  4. It can make you money
    You can get cash for your old laptop or mobile; not only are you doing something good for the environment, you can make some cash at the same time. It doesn’t matter how old your laptop is, we strip metals out of the laptops and recycle the rest. We’ll arrange a free & convenient courier collection or provide free postage & packaging. You are usually paid for your gadgets within 48 hours by PayPal, cheque or transfer; it couldn’t be easier.
  5. It helps reutilise resources and conserve natural resources
    Although getting money for your old laptop is great it’s also important for the environment to ensure we’re reusing resources. Laptops contain components that can be stripped or re-used; our aim is to recycle as much as possible to prevent them causing environmental damage. If the laptop is in a good working condition it can be donated to those less fortunate.

Next time you notice your old laptop on the corner of the room collecting dust waiting to either be thrown out or moved to the loft why not see how much you could get for it on Cash In Your Gadgets!

Recycling Crane Grabber

Recycling Crane Grabber


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