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16 February

Top 3 Laptops of 2018

Top Laptops of 2018

Are you looking to buy a new laptop in 2018? We’ve reviewed 3 of the latest models for 2018 to help you choose the right one for you.

The features you prioritise in your laptop will dictate the type of device you purchase. It can be difficult visiting a shop and asking advice when you’re searching for new gadgets, especially if you’re not familiar with tech jargon. We’re here to offer independent advice based on the features of 3 laptops from different price brackets and operating systems.

Dell XPS 13 –  Starting at £1,249.00

This laptop just gets better and better, it’s been around for a while but each year Dell ensure that this laptop continues to stay at the top of its game.

This laptop is not only slimmer and more powerful it’s got 4k display and comes in a rose gold and Alpine White colour. As with all great things, it comes at a price. Specifically, £1,249, which is marginally higher than its predecessor; but it comes with a powerful 8th generation Intel processor, 13.3-inch screen and 11-inch frame.

The Dell XPS also comes with the option of a super high-res screen or a multi-touch screen depending on which you prefer.

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar – Starting at £1,949.00

If you’re a fan of Apple this won’t take much convincing; if you’re a Microsoft fan on the other hand… you’ve probably already heard the claims that the Surface Book 2 is twice as powerful.

The stand out feature for this laptop is the Touch Bar; the ‘bar’ features an OLED screen and is situated just above the keyboard. As with anything Apple, this latest feature is designed to make life easier, this time its giving users access to areas of the PC which would usually be hidden through the function keys (F1 -F12) at the top of your keyboard.

Unfortunately, the battery on this device is a little disappointing, but what it lacks in touchscreen and battery it makes up for in typical Apple style.  If you have budget constraints, our advice would be to opt for the XPS 13 but if you’re a loyal Apple fan this is still an incredible piece of tech.

Acer Swift 3 – Starting at £649.98

We’re not all about the most expensive laptops; the Acer Swift 3 is an incredible laptop for those who are looking for a portable yet high performing, low price device. The battery life is very good and we were pleasantly surprised by the performance.

Unfortunately, when the price is low it’s going to show somewhere; with this laptop, it’s the weight; it’s heavier and thicker than lots of other higher priced ultrabooks and laptops on the market. Alongside the weight of the product, the screen quality is also compromised by the price with limited brightness and colours. Our advice is not to let this put you off if you’re price conscious a little extra weight is a small price to pay for the performance of this device.

Overall this laptop has incredible performance for the price you’re paying; this laptop features plenty of ports for USB and HDMI attachments and has everything you need for a powerful ultrabook.


Overall it depends what you prioritise in your laptop. If you’re looking for a PC with a great battery life and incredible performance we’d recommend the Dell XPS range. If price and performance aren’t a priority; for those who want new features, a great design and great performance, the Apple Mac Book Pro with Touch wins hands down.

If you need a high performing laptop but can’t justify spending over £1000 we’d highly recommend the Acer Swift 3.

If you’re buying a new PC in 2018 be sure to recycle your old devices at

08 February

Chinese Police Get High-Tech Sunglasses

In a world where security is being increased constantly, it’s no surprise that this week we saw police in Beijing wearing high-tech sunglasses.

Latest Technology

These clever, high-tech sunglasses not only shield police from the sun, they help spot suspects in overly crowded areas. The new glasses feature facial recognition technology which enables the camera to identify suspects in minutes utilising police databases.

Unfortunately, the incredible advances in technology come with some drawbacks; the sunglasses have already raised concern among human rights groups and activists. Although the same can be said for all CCTV, the glasses are capturing and storing images of the public without permission.

Chinese New Year

The high-tech glasses are being trialled in the city of Zhengzhou this week; the aim is to keep travellers safe while they head home for Chinese New Year. The glasses are being tested over one of the busiest weekends for public transport to see how they cope.

The Result

As it stands, the glasses are proving highly successful. Since their implementation, they have enabled police to detain 7 suspects accused of a range of crimes; they include human trafficking and hit and runs. Alongside major crimes, they have managed to catch 26 people using fake ID’s; proving technological advances can be highly beneficial to law enforcement.

Digital Survalence

This new addition to China’s security system is just one in a scheme of projects to build a digital surveillance system which uses a variety of biometric data. The aim is to utilise a database of images, fingerprints and more to keep people safe.

It’s not just the security sector which is getting excited about this new high-tech movement. Commercial establishments including gyms, restaurants and public toilets are all adapting technology to include facial recognition.

What this means for the UK

As ever, China is miles ahead of the UK with technology. However, in the UK people like their privacy, with this kind of documentation of identity, there would be strong resistance from the general public. With that in mind, we’re pretty sure there’s not much chance we’ll see this kind of device on the UK police in the near future. While we may not see them on our police, we may see more commercial devices hitting the market in the next few years.

It wasn’t long ago we were all getting ready to buy Google glasses, however, they didn’t take off in the way everybody expected.

For now, we’re comfortable with Apple face recognition and accessing our phones with our fingerprints; but who knows what the future will bring!


05 February

Could Recycled Plastic Solve the Pothole Problem?

As snow sweeps the UK again we brace ourselves for yet more potholes to appear in the roads. Now we know how a blog about potholes is quite risky, but hear us out; could waste plastics solve the problem?

How Could Plastic Waste Help?

A Scottish company has found a way to recycle our plastic waste in a way that will benefit our roads for years to come.

Unfortunately, when the UK experiences weather extremes, anything above 23 degrees and below -1, our roads suffer. Since our plastic waste is beginning to pile up, could the Scottish start-up have the solution?

Plastic, unlike food, isn’t biodegradable. Once it’s been created, it lasts for thousands of years, eventually breaking into smaller and smaller pieces. When our roads require regular tarmac repairs, it seems logical we fill the holes with something we’re struggling to get rid of.

The company MacRebur was created after the founder, Toby McCartney saw road workers in India use waste plastic to repair potholes.

How Does It Work?

The road workers in India were seen packing old plastic into the pothole and then seen setting it alight. The plastic then melted into the hole and around the tarmac creating a solid patch when cool.

The process would involve turning our waste plastic into small pellets then adding them to something called Asphalt. The plastic pellets would be replacing Bitumen which is currently used.

Could Plastics Be The Future Of Our Roads?

Its quite possible, the product is called MR6, it’s being used across parts of the UK including Cumbria as part of road maintenance. The reason behind the change to MR6 is the longevity of the product; it’s thought to last 10 times longer and is up to 60% stronger than traditional tarmac.

Not only does MR6 have the ability to fix our potholes it also helps to create roads which will last longer.

Single Use Plastics

Unfortunately, it won’t solve the problem of single-use plastics like clingfilm, plastic bags and straws; but it may have an effect on how mobiles, laptops and tablet casings re-recycled in the future.

If you’d like to recycle your old mobile please visit We strongly advise against filling your nearest pothole with any old gadgets.