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How Can I Sell My Laptop Online?

Sell Your Laptop

Every laptop comes to the end of its usable life span at some point. Wherever your laptop is broken or just become too old to be usable anymore, a time will come when you need to sell it. Selling your old laptop on eBay or Gumtree can be a lot of hassle and buyers on these platforms aren’t always the easiest to deal with. Luckily, Cash in Your Gadgets makes selling your old or broken laptop a doddle.

How to sell your laptop online, the simple and easy way

1- Get a quote using basic information about your item 

2 – Provide collection & payment Information

3 – Have the item collected

4 – The item gets checked

5 – You get paid

Getting A Quote To Sell Your Laptop

All we need to know is the following information, and you’ll get an instant offer from us to buy your laptop.

1 – Your laptops brand

The name of the manufacturer of your, its usually found on lid, base or around the screen of your laptop

2 – Your laptops Processor/CPU

The processor or central processing unit (CPU) is your laptop’s brain. It can found by following instructions here  

3 – The condition & size of your laptop

4 – Wherever or not it has a charger

5 – Wherever or not it has an inbuilt webcam

That’s it. You’ll now have a quote to sell us your laptop.

What does the quote include?

Your quote is the amount we’ll pay for a laptop with the specification you stated and condition in you’ve described. The quote includes:

  • Payment by bank transfer or Paypal
  • Courier collection of the item any day
  • Complete Data Wiping
  • Free Return of the item for any reason

What happens after I accept a quote online?

If you’re happy with our quote to buy your laptop we’ll just need some basic information from you in order to make the collection and get you paid. The information required is as follows:

  • Your name
  • A contact phone number
  • An email address
  • Preferred date for collection
  • Bank account & sort code or a Paypal email address

How Do You Collect My Laptop?

We’ll arrange for our courier DPD to collect your item on the day you’ve selected.

Our collections feature:.

  • 1 hour time window provided on the day of collection
  • Packaging provided by the courier
  • Return label provided by the courier

The courier will email and text you on the morning of your collection with the 1hr time window in which the collection will take place. The courier will arrive with a solid padded box for you to place your item in and the courier will then attach the DPD return label. The box containing your laptop will arrive back with us the next working day.

What happens once the laptop is received by Cash in your Gadgets

You’ll receive an email to confirm we’ve received your laptop.

We’ll then check the laptop and, if it matches your quote, we’ll have the payment in your account within 2 working days.

What tests are performed on the laptop?

Your laptop will be inspected visually for any significant cosmetic issues. We’ll then test all the components to ensure they work correctly. We’ll also check the processor found in your laptop.

In general, we check for

  • Missing parts
  • Damage to the screen
  • Cracks
  • Non-working components
  • Specification
  • Age/Generation

Click here for more detailed information on how to determine the condition of your laptop 

What happens if the laptop doesn’t match the quote

If your laptop is in worse condition or has a lower value processor than your quote was based on, we’ll simply send you an email detailing the reasons and giving the correct offer.

You’ll be asked to accept this quote and get paid or to have the laptop returned free of charge.

If your laptop is in better condition or has a more valuable processor than stated initially, we’ll increase the price automatically and pay you.

Getting paid

We issue payment by your chosen method within 2 working days of the laptops arrival with us. Payments are made at 6pm each weekday and should arrive in most bank accounts instantly.



Planning to Sell Your Laptop? But What Happens To It?

At Cash In Your Gadgets we don’t just recycle old gadgets, if your laptop is in a good working condition, what reason would there be to break it down and recycle every part? Here’s what happens when you sell your laptop to Cash In Your Gadgets

The Sorting Process

When laptops, Mac’s and desktops arrived at our facilities, we have to assess each device. At this point, a decision is made whether it can be used, or if it needs recycling. Devices are so well built nowadays they are often scrapped because they have slowed down rather than completely broken.

Recycle, Repair and Re-use

Part of recycling is also repairing and re-using; even when a laptop has a little damage or a faulty part we have the ability to fix them. Due to the volume of computers we have passing through our doors we have plenty of spare parts.

Unfortunately, sometimes computers will come to us in a condition which cannot be saved; from worn out components to beaten up shells. However, these laptops can be harvested for useful parts before the remaining computer is recycled.

Why Repairing A Computer Is Important

Repairing a working computer is vital to ensure those who can’t necessarily afford a brand new PC has the opportunity to purchase some of the latest technology.

Our repaired laptops often end up in schools, charities and companies which require technology without the price tag of the most modern devices.

When you sell us your laptop, whether its recycled or repaired we can guarantee it goes towards a greener planet. It prevents the need for new resources being mined to create new devices, and it prevents your old gadgets ending up in a landfill.

So if you’re looking to sell your laptop visit to organise a collection of your PC. It’s quick, simple and will go towards a greener planet.



Sell A Laptop To A Reputable Company

While we hope you’ve already chosen Cash In Your Gadgets to sell a laptop to; we know there are lots of ways to do it.

This story is a few months old but with so many ways to recycle your old laptop out there we thought it is worth highlighting the importance of using a reputable company to sell your laptop to.

Always Use A Reputable Company If You Plan To Sell A Laptop

5 months ago the news broke that a lady who lived in Cornwall took her laptop to be recycled; several weeks later she was contacted by a gentleman who had found all of her personal data (including photos).

So how did her laptop end up being sold without her knowledge? When Ms Davies dropped the laptop off at the recycling centre she was advised to put it in the corner with other electrical devices. She assumed they would all be destroyed appropriately which is why they were in a pile.

The gentleman had purchased the second-hand hard disk from a local company who had somehow got hold of the device. The hard drive contained all of her documents and pictures; this potentially exposed Ms Davies to fraud and other crimes.

Keeping Your Personal Data Secure

It’s alarming how much information the gentleman could find on the device, yet its fortunate it fell into responsible hands. Most of us work on our laptops day in and day out; they contain our whole lives from email accounts to personal documents and online banking.

The Moral Of The Story

Always wipe your laptop before you recycle it. If you have devices laying around, don’t just take it to the recycling centre, they may be making money out of your old devices which you could be earning.

Always use a reputable laptop recycling company; at Cash In Your Gadgets we pay for your old devices, we also wipe your device when it arrives to ensure your data is never shared. We know it’s not always easy to know how to clean your device so we act as a back up using military grade software.

We strive to always give you a fair price for your device; this includes the protection of your data so once you sell it, you don’t have to worry about a random person setting up facebook profiles with your 2016 holiday snaps from Ibiza.