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How To Wipe Your Mac Ready For Sale

Wipe your mac for sale | Cash In Your Gadgets

It’s Christmas; which means it’s that time of year when thousands of laptops are purchased and gifted. In January hundreds of people will be looking to sell their old gadgets to make some cash and recover from December spending. Which means lots of you will be wondering how to wipe your Mac properly ready for sale!

While we endeavour to ensure your devices are all wiped clean and are data free when they get to our offices; we do encourage all of our customers to ensure their devices are wiped clean prior to sending them to us. 

Unfortunately, although we use a reputable and reliable courier we can’t be responsible for the loss of any gadgets during transit. While the product itself can be compensated by the courier in some way; your personal data cannot. So, to ensure you’re never in a position where your data is exposed, we encourage everybody to wipe your Mac prior to sending it to us.

How To Wipe Your Mac, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro or iMac

Make sure you make a backup of all of your documents before you proceed to the next stage. While we always encourage you to make sure your data is wiped, we’d hate for you to loose anything important to you.

If you’re not sure how to back-up your Mac, Apple has created a simple guide offering several options including iCloud. We would also advise taking a copy of all of your documents and media on an external hard drive, just to ensure you have a hard copy should anything go wrong.

documents and media on an external hard drive, just to ensure you have a hard copy should anything go wrong.

Make sure you sign out of your iTunes account; this will ensure nobody can access your iTunes account or payment details linked to it. Open iTunes, within this window, choose Account > Authorizations > Deauthorize This Computer. You will be asked for your password and account email address, to deauthorize you will need to enter these.

Sign out of your iCloud; this will ensure nobody can sign into your account and purchase apps.  To sign out select the Apple () menu which is in the top left of the home screen. Choose > System Preferences, click iCloud, and then click the Sign Out button.

Following this, your computer will ask you if you’d like to keep a copy of the data on your device. You will be reformatting the hard drive in a later step so don’t worry too much.

Sign out of iMessage, this step is important to keep all of your conversations private. If you’re using OS X Mountain Lion or later you will need to sign out of iMessage. In the Messages app, choose Messages > Preferences, then click Accounts. Select your iMessage account, then click Sign Out.

Now You’ve Signed Out Of Everything

If you have any bluetooth devices like an iWatch, and you’re not selling them to us at Cash In Your Gadgets; you will need to unpair them. This is done in the bluetooth section of your settings menu; click the X remove button next to the device name and select that you are sure. 

*If you are using an iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini; you will need to use a wired keyboard and mouse for the following steps.

Now you’re ready to erase your hard drive and reinstall MacOS; you will need to erase your hard drive and reinstall macOS to ensure it’s completely clean. After the installation is complete your Mac will open on the welcome screen and ask you to choose a country or region. 

At this point you can press the Command Q to shut down the Mac and pack it up securely to post to us.

So you’re all set, you now know how to wipe your Mac ready for sale. If you’re still worried about your personal data, don’t worry; once your Mac reaches our offices we use MOD standard wiping licenced software. 



Planning On Selling Your MacBook?

Sell Your Mac

It may seem quite daunting selling your Macbook; from ensuring your data will be truly wiped clean, to getting the most for your device. When you start getting bombarded by questions about your Mac it can start to feel like it’s more hassle than its worth; which is why we’ve made it as simple as possible…

Getting The Best Quote When Selling Your Macbook

If you’re struggling to identify your Mac specifications we have a Cash In Your Gadgets ID tool; to use this tool all you require is your Mac serial number. At Cash In Your Gadgets, we’ve developed this tool to ensure it’s quick and simple to identify your device. By entering in your serial number our system searches a database to identify what you’re selling; we’re proud that no other UK company uses this system. We believe that asking fewer technical questions will make the process smoother.

Listing Your Device

When you begin to list your device, you’ll need to find the serial number which should be visible on the base of your machine. It’s featured in tiny engraved writing, so if you struggle with vision and don’t have a magnifying glass to hand, there’s an alternative method.

    1. Boot up your Mac, log in, and click the apple in the top left of the screen
    1. Select the top option ‘About This Mac’
  1. A box will open and at the base of the box, it will state the serial number. This is the number you need

If your device doesn’t work, or the screen is broken you will need to find the serial number on the base of the device; a good way to see this is to take a photo with a phone and zoom in.

Why Do You Need The Macbook Serial Number?

The serial number on your Mac tells us everything we need to know; from the year your Mac was purchased to the size of the hard drive that’s inside it.

The tool is featured on our Mac pages and works with multiple Mac devices including MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Our aim is to ensure you always receive the best quote for your Mac device; by identifying your model number prior to quoting will ensure when you send your device the price doesn’t change. However, this does still depend on its condition.

Selling your MacBook should be simple, if you’re struggling at any point to find your serial number, send us an email or chat with us via Facebook Chat. Our team will be able to point you in the right direction and ensure you get a quote as quickly as possible.



Recyclable Accessories

Gadget AccessoriesAccessories are a huge contributor to the e-waste issue; with the sale of millions of phones, laptops and games consoles comes the sale of chargers, remotes and controllers.


While mobile phones remain quite bad for the environment, their accessories aren’t much better. Phone chargers are available pretty much anywhere; from Tesco to Primark. They don’t last very long (less than the lifespan of the phone) and we often lose them; needless to mention the plastic coating on the cable and the plug socket, they just aren’t good for the environment.

A Fresh Idea

Introducing nimble, a company who has launched a range of sustainable mobile accessories! Now we know what you’re thinking already, it’s not like the potato experiment from science at school where you powered a mini lightbulb with some crocodile clips and a spud.

This company have launched accessories including wireless charging packs and travel kits! If only we’d done that at school.


Now don’t be fooled, the design will still look and feel like plastic; that’s because it is, it’s been designed using a plant-based bioplastic along with PET from recycled plastic bottles and recyclable aluminium.

Alongside this even the USB cables are BPA and PVC free, so when you’re finished with it, you can recycle it efficiently.


Usually, brands fall flat at the final hurdle, yet Nimble have even ensured the packaging is eco, featuring 100% recycled scrap paper without any ink or colour to ensure it can be recycled when it’s done its job.

The brand itself is determined to be e-waste neutral by 2022; despite their green promises, the brand is relatively fair on pricing. It’s not as cheap as buying your Tesco or Primark chargers but it is cheaper than apple or your other top brands.

Our Verdict

It’s great to see brands taking responsibility for the recycling of its gadgets, the problem always seems so removed from those actually creating the products. Although these types of gadgets will still need to be recycled by companies like us here at Cash In Your Gadgets; it will mean the product won’t need to be disposed of in a way that minimises the damage to the environment. There eventually won’t be any damage.