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23 April

We’re Spending More And More Time On Our Mobiles..

It’s a crazy thought that TV usage could come second to mobiles in the future; eMarketer research predicts that we will spend an average of 2 hours and 7 minutes on our phones in 2018.

Will We Stop Watching TV Any Time Soon?

Probably not; while we’re spending less time watching live TV every year and more time on our mobile devices, they haven’t overtaken them yet.

When you see how passionate people get about a TV series or even a show in the UK (The Great British Bake Off)  it’s easy to see it’s not going anywhere just yet.

It’s An Age Thing

Age plays a huge part in how you watch TV; data shows that the older generation of 65+-year-olds watch on average 6 hours and 12 minutes of TV every day. While the younger generation of 16-24-year-olds only watch an average of 1 hour & 7 minutes, no doubt spending their spare time on a mobile phone.

How We Spend Our Time

The data shows that in 2017 adults in the UK spent an average of 9 hours and 31 minutes per day on a major media source; with mobile accounting for almost half of that time.

Although TV viewing dropped in 2016 by 2.3%  it still accounts for 31.7% of our daily media time. In China, TV viewing time has now been totally eclipsed by the amount of time spent on mobile phones.

Number Of 4G Mobiles In The UK

In 2017 Ofcom reported that there were 52.4 million mobile phone subscriptions to the 4G network. This is up from 39.4 million in 2016. This figure highlights how vast the growth has been in the mobile phone market since the introduction of 4G and the services that compliment it like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

In 2017 it was reported that 76% of adults own a smartphone, up from 71%; the figures also show a growth in mobile-only homes up to 18% from 14%.

It is thought by 2022 there will be over 53 million individuals using smartphones; this is an increase of over 12 million users.

Mobile Recycling

With over 12 million new mobile users by 2022 and a whole host of new technology; it’s no surprise there will be millions of mobile phones that require recycling.

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19 April

Nostalgic Gadgets & The Noises They Make

There have been so many gadgets over the years which have become known for the noise they make when they turn on. When you think of phone sounds these days chances are you can hear the click of the iPhone unlocking! For that reason, this month, we decided to take a look at some of the gadgets we have recycled over the years and the noises they make.

Mobile Phones

There are so many nostalgic noises when it comes to a mobile phone. The earliest has to be the Nokia 3310 ringtone….or any Nokia for that matter.

You can usually date a movie when you hear the Nokia ringtone; it’s the sound of the 90’s.

If you weren’t cool enough to try and create your own ringtone using the keypad, then the standard Nokia call & text tone was the one you’d be guaranteed to use.

Although iPhone is now far more popular than Nokia; for the kids of the 90’s, this will always be the tone associated with mobiles.


It’s a little disappointing when you turn on a Windows PC these days and aren’t welcomed by the famous tone; it became famous in the 90’s with windows 98. Computers boot up so fast these days it’s no surprise we’re not greeted with a little jingle while we wait.

If you never had the joys of using windows pre Windows 7 here’s the tune you missed out on every time you booted up your computer.

Dial-Up Internet

This isn’t really a gadget we recycle, but it is one that became part of everyday life for adults and teenagers of the 80’s and 90’s!

Even just mentioning the term dial-up you’re bound to get the little tone in your head. If you’ve never heard it, this is what connecting to the internet used to sound like…

Hand Held Game Console

Next on the list has to be the Nintendo Gameboy, whenever this little game console turned on it had a little ping; as a kid, waiting for it to load was almost impossible!

The Gameboy was first released without a colour screen, only to be upgraded later on with a colour version. It featured popular games like Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Zelda and Kirby’s Dream Land. The Gameboy was around from 1989 and was only discontinued in the year 2000!

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09 April

How To Make New Gadgets Last Longer

Phone in water

Everybody has that fear when they buy a new device that the battery will eventually become as poor as it’s predecessor; for this reason, we thought we’d write you a blog on how to make new phones and laptops last longer.

Phones & PC’s

Some of these tips may sound obvious but they really can make a difference to the longevity of your phone or PC. Both devices can experience a decline in battery quality and can often be exposed to screen and water damage.

The Screen:

Most devices come to us with some form of screen damage; we’ve all been there, we drop our phones from a substantial height and the screen survives, but a drop a few months later from barely any height and it smashes…

It’s important to remember with every drop the phone is damaged by the vibrations, multiple drops build up over time; eventually resulting in a shattered screen.

Laptops and PC’s are slightly different as they aren’t carried around quite as often as a mobile (the clue is in the name, mobile). Our best advice is to invest in a quality case, this can provide protection from unnecessary pressure on the screen.

The Battery:

Did you know your phone has a lifecycle? There’s a set number of charge cycles your phone should go through before the battery begins to deteriorate.

When you first buy a phone, wait until it’s completely dead until you charge it, you should charge it until full, and then drain it completely. Repeat this 4-5 times, then you can begin charging it daily.

It’s advised you should only charge your phone when it really needs it; you shouldn’t charge your phone before it reaches 20% and should never be left on charge all the time. If you leave your phone on charge overnight you may risk overcharging it; this can lead to overheating of a battery causing it to degrade over time.

Water Damage:

Water damage is possibly one of the worst things you can experience with a phone. The time you have to wait to see if it’s survived is painstaking!

Unfortunately, there’s no clear way to ensure your phone survives a submersion; but there are a few tips which can give you a fighting chance…

If your phone or PC is dropped in water or has liquid spilt on it, make sure you take it out and switch it off immediately. This can prevent any electrical current being shorted due to the liquid.

Corrosion is another great killer of PC’s and mobiles; if you own a phone or PC which isn’t a sealed unit, be sure to remove anything that can be removed. For example, a case, SD cards, SIM Card, CD’s etc etc. Ensuring as much air as possible can get into the device will ensure it dries out as thoroughly as possible.

Whatever you do, don’t use a hairdryer. The heat from this can expand the components and cause even further damage. Leaving the device in a bowl of rice or an airing cupboard until the following day can ensure it has a fighting chance.

Sell Your Old Phone

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